Welcome to the Standard Developers Documentation!
In Short: The Standard Protocol is a decentralised finance (DeFi) infrastructure project that enables users to generate algorithmically stable cryptocurrencies without intermediaries. The protocol focuses on physically backed crypto-assets as collateral, low fees and flexibility. The project will be entirely managed by the community of Standard Token holders.


With the Standard Protocol you can generate stable cryptocurrencies backed by deposited assets in so called smart vaults. Smart Vaults are the bread and butter of the protocol. They combine functionality and usability into a single user interface providing a way to hedge against inflation and volatility of the currency markets.

How is this achieved?

By generating a fiat currency, starting with sEURO, a soft pegged stable coin that is backed by inflation proof assets the user does not lose any purchase power if inflation would normally eat away at hard earned savings.


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The Standard Protocol Schema Version 1.0


Learn the fundamentals of The Standard protocol to get a deeper understanding of our main features: